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Sunday, January 8, 2012

M is for...

Mom! And M.I.A.

ELC has been pulling double-blog-duty recently, as I literally cannot keep my eyes open after every evening. Who knew growing a sweet, cute, tiny little baby would be this exhausting? I did make it until on New Year's Eve. I deemed that a very successful way to ring in 2012.

My Dear Hubby has been tres helpful and kind during this first trimester. It's hard to imagine that in six-ish short months, it will no longer be just us and Henry. WOW.

Speaking of my little Hurricane, we’ve broken the news to him about Baby C. He seems to be taking it well. Although I have noticed him chasing his tail and acting out a bit more frequently. I'm hoping it's unrelated to our upcoming arrival and is simply general puppiness.

Hubby and I will be finding out if Baby C is a boy or girl. (My bet is on BLUE.) ELC wishes we would wait until the delivery. She feels there are very few surprises in life. Everyone who knows me well can attest to the fact I'm entirely too much of a planner to ever do that.

We've already started working on the nursery! ELC drove over yesterday to help me clean out the closet . I sure have accumulated a lot of stuff in the two and a half years we've lived in our home. Sheesh. I also have four paint samples on the wall. I'm having a hard time picking the color. The names are: Thundercloud Grey, Silver Chain, Shaker Tan and Elephant Grey . Hubby describes them as: blue, white, yellow and purple. Men/Dads. (I confess: When trying to finalize a color for our dining room, I tested out 14 different possibilities. Yes. Fourteen. Hubby and ELC thought twelve of them were the same. I’m definitely seeing a couple more trips to Home Depot in my future.)

I truly feel incredibly blessed. I've always wanted to be a Mom. It's still a bit hard to grasp that that dream is coming true! I welcome any advice you may have about motherhood. And baby gear. I’m slightly intimidated by Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby. LOL. Thank y’all for your patience during my mini-hiatus.

The biggest GRAZIE of all to ELC, the World's Most Amazing Mom AND Grammy!


Kristy said...

Enjoy your sleep while you can :) I can remember going into B R Us the first time after finding out I was pregnant, I literally had to leave as I was so overwhelmed! And with the 2nd one on the way we have definitely learned a few things we would have done differently. I'm here if you ever have any questions. Can't wait to see your nursery I know it will be tres chic!

Autumn said...

I'm so happy for your family. Congratulations to all of you. My only advice is to relax and enjoy; try not to obsess. I can say that, because obsessing is my hobby!

The Leightons said...


I can't even wrap my head around one child--much less TWO! (ELC and I are sooo happy for y'all!) I know you'll have lots o' good advice and tips for me.

And I really cannot wait to dig my heels into the nursery. Hope mine is as darling as yours was/is!

Thank you!

The Leightons said...


There you go again: CRACKIN' US UP! Thank you for your happiness!!! I know TLC will do her best to heed your advice. However, obsessing is one of her hobbies, too!!! (Okay. I confess. It might be one of mine. Yes, yes it is. Who would I be kidding? You KNOW this and have for a long time.)

Hope you're having a Terrific Tuesday . . .