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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Yummy For Y'all!

It's been awhile since my last Yummy. I thought it was high time for another. Because of Sweet Baby C, my "likes and dislikes" seem to change as quickly as Kim Kardashian's marital status. However, one thing has remained the same throughout this pregnancy thus far: my complete adoration of Potbelly Sandwiches. I crave them. Constantly. I did long before the new resident in my uterus moved in (but now it’s literally 24/7).

Here's why:

1. They are beyond fresh. The veggies are always crisp. The bread: warm and toasty. Never stale.

2. They pair perfectly with my favorite Salt & Vinegar chips.

3. Two words: HOT. PEPPERS. (ELC ate hot sauce at least three times a week while pregnant with me. She was feeding me Pace Picante by the time I was eighteen months old. Please don't tell either one of us there’s anything wrong with this. PLEASE.)

4. One can combine mayo AND mustard. (Okay. That’s not such an unusual thing. I do realize I can do this at Subway. And Quiznos. Be nice. I’m pregnant. I cry easily.) Listen, it's not just yellow mustard. It’s brown and a teensy bit spicy. Sigh.

5. One can have the bread "thinly sliced," which makes me feel a little less guilty for having them add that extra mayo. One can also get a “Skinny” with less meat. ( I don't see me doing this anytime soon, but, believe me, anytime I can even use the word “skinny” is a happy moment for me.)

Hubby is worried I'm going to get burned out. I'm currently dining there at least four times a week. (My  record to date? Five. And, yes, I understand I should cook/eat at home more often.) If he would let me, we'd eat dinner there every night. I remind him it's better to crave semi-healthy sandwiches than fried chicken. So, there. (It really is, isn't it?)

If you've never had a Potbelly Sandwich, I recommend you get thee to one of their establishments ASAP. You will not be disappointed.

Maybe if I go there often enough... they'll name a sandwich after me...

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