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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mommy-To-Be Musings

1. "Pregnancy Brain" does exist. Yes, yes, ELC, it does. Apparently ELC, albeit gently, speculates I am using this as an excuse to shirk my blog posting duties. If only, Grammy. It's not a myth. And I've got it. BAD. So much so I forgot to put on deodorant and perfume one day last week. TMI? I'm sorry. You can understand why I'm now slightly paranoid – the more pregnant and thus more pregnant-brained I become – I could forget my clothes. That would not be pretty, y'all.

2. Morning sickness is a ridiculous label. I've never been sick in the morning. The evenings? A whole other story, my friends. I think we should just call it what it is – nasty nausea – and move on down the road.

3. Where have maternity pants been all of my life? I don't know how I'll ever go back to wearing "regular” jeans. I’m catching ELC eyeing them with envy.

4. I'm a walking clich̩ of cravings: sour pickles and a chocolate chip cookie cake. And mustard (no, not mustard on the cookies Рnot yet, anyway). Potato chips dipped in mustard. And cupcakes. Any kind.

5. I miss my Diet Vanilla Cokes (or "DVCs" as ELC and I lovingly labeled them) from Sonic. I know caffeine is tres bad, so instead I sip on grape juice and Pellegrino. Not quite the same but still pretty tasty and fizzy.

6. Waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (no less than three times in approximately seven hours) is dangerous. I run into the door on my way back to bed, causing me to say words a soon-to-be new Mommy should never get in the habit of saying. I'm now trying to practice my "mummy walk" (pun intended) – arms stretched completely straight out in front of me as I try to locate the door in the dark. Thank goodness no one has videoed that scene yet.

7. Hmmm. I know I thought of something else to list as I was driving home this evening. Now I can't remember what it was. See #1.


Patti said...

ELC, thank you for your visit to my blog today and for the lovely comment you left on my Clark Gable birthday post. Yes, I do love the old classics...developed an interest in them in 2003, but have been addicted to them since 2007.

After homeschooling my kids through high school, I came to the end of my career not long ago when my second child graduated. In trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I wanted to focus on the things I am passionate about. Since writing and classic movies are two of my passions, I thought I would incorporate them into a classic movie blog. I love sharing those great old movies with others.

In reading your post, I see that a baby is on the way. How exciting! I have loved every moment of being a mom. There is no greater joy!! My very best to you as you await the birth of your little one!


The Leightons said...

Hi, Patti...
So enjoyed learning more about you and your blog! I encourage all of our friends/readers to visit your website ASAP. It's amazing!

TLC is going to be a fantastic Mom, even though "pregnant brain" is driving her a little teensy bit NuTs. You are exactly right: "There is no greater joy" than babies/children/motherhood. Period. End of story.

Merci and Lots O' Grazies!!!

Autumn said...

Two words, TLC. Night lights. Lots of 'em. I have enough in my house to let me walk through the entire house without turning on any lights. And they're not so bright that they wake you so fully that you can't go back to sleep.

The Leightons said...

Sweet Autumn,

You are SO right! I'm going to assume my pregnancy brain is to blame for not already thinking of this. Yep. I'm going with that. LOL.

Thank you, Friend!