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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Day in the Life of Moi

I'm borrowing a page from ELC and Emily, a wonderfully creative blogger from Jones Design Company, to give y'all a peek into what a typical week day is like for me. I decided to document this by taking a fun (or not—you be the judge!) photo of each hour of my day Wednesday.

(Note: After my 8:00 p.m. picture, I was out like a light.)

(P.S. And the Rangers won!)

6:00 - Morning routine: Makeup. Hairspray. (Lots. Duh.) Skinnygirl Energizing Leg Cream. (To try and prep my lower extremities for the inevitable swelling.) BLV Notte Perfume. (Lots. Duh.)

7:00 - How do I love thee, Starbucks? Let me count the ways.

8:00 - Not the first, nor the last, powder room break for this Preggo. (P.S. It's very challenging to try to be covert as you take a picture of the restroom sign—you understand—without looking like a total fruitcake.)

9:00 - Surprise cupcake treat from my dearest January! What a perfect "breakfast dessert!" It's strawberry. Or, in my world, FRUIT!

10:00 - Mailing ELC two Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. (Did you notice my sassy new summer purse in the background?)

11:00 - Chug-a-lug. Second bottle of the day. (Yeppers! Still have my "Wedding Day Countdown Clock," from sweet Lauren, proudly displayed on my desk. Perhaps I should have it countdown to Little Leighton's grand arrival?)

Noon - Lunch! Yum. Extra pickles, please!

1:00 - Hello (again, again, again… I've lost count), Friend!

2:00 - Self-explanatory.

3:00 - Snack time! I believe this is also self-explanatory. (See last post.)

3:45 - One final stop before quittin’ time! I have quite a commute home and quite a wiggly Baby Girl.

4:00 - On the dot. Headed home!

5:00 - Home! Swollen tootsies are propped up. Watching a rerun of The Closer. I adore Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson.

6:00 - Playing outside with Henry! (He was "helping" Hubby water. I think he drank more than the ivy and periwinkles.)

7:00 - Go Rangers!

8:00 - Saying Sweet Dreams to ELC!


Megs said...

Awww... Y'all are to funny. Congrats on LL, TLC and loving this blog! Thanks for the link ELC! I will be a lol w the leightons follower from now on.

Lots of love and hugs to y'all

The Leightons said...

Hi, Megs!

TLC,Little Leighton and I are soooooo happy you stopped by for a visit! Listen, we just mostly crack ourselves up. It's quite pathetic. But we're truly grateful for your sweet comments and look forward to trying to make you giggle and smile down the road.

See you soon for lunch, okay?