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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dos Yumhaws

Yep. Here are TWO Yumhaws coming atcha!

yumhaw n. a combination of the word yummy (you know what that means, Sillies) and yeehaw (what we say in Texas when we’re extremely happy, excited, and/or thrilled and/or all three and we don’t have to be wearing a Cowboy hat, boots, spurs or carrying a lasso when we holler it).

About four years ago, we Leighton Gals were in one of our most favourite stores ever, Target, wandering aimlessly around the all-things-housy stuff aisles. We’ve both found different sheets, in the past (ELC’s “past” being much, much longer than TLC’s and, for example, Chris Madden sheets from J. C. Penney’s), that we've enjoyed. But we’ve also bought some that we ended up despising. They became expensive drop cloths. For painting. Or what we've used when we've had some type of flood in our homes. Not wanting to be negative, we aren’t going to list those that didn’t please us. Because it may have been something we were doing wrong when laundering them. (We don’t really think so, but, hey, anything’s possible.) Anyway, TLC was thinking that day, as we browsed, she might need some new clothes for her bed. She found some tres cute ones. Imagine that. Boxed. Pretty. Comfy looking. Good price. The brand? Springmaid—My Soft Sheet. She bought ‘em, washed ‘em, put ‘em on and LOVED ‘em. Since that time, she’s purchased two more sets and ELC has purchased three. Two Queen-Sized sets for ELC's Guest Room and her most recent purchase—a  King-Sized set. For her and Her Sweet Hubby’s bed (see picture below).

BTW: Have you ever heard of this trick? Wash your sheets, completing the entire wash/spin cycle. Then, instead of putting them in your dryer or hanging them on the line (does anybody still really do this?), put them on your bed. Wet. Several hours later, they’ll look like you ironed them! And feel like it, too. Clean. Crisp. FABULOUS. A friend of ELC’s shared this tip with her about six years ago. ELC, in turn, shared it with TLC. ELC does this trick. A lot. Especially during the Spring, Summer and Fall months in her North Central Texas casa. HOWEVER, she doesn’t do it if she has less than six hours to let the sheets fully dry. Also, her bed is under a fan. She thinks that’s important. But it’s also why she sometimes doesn’t/can’t do this trick during a Texas Winter Cold Spell. Her fan is typically not on in the Winter and it seems like there’s simply no way it’s going to work. Even after several house, the sheets can end up feeling too, too damp. So, 75% of the time, in the months of November, December and January, ELC resorts back to the old-fashioned way—the dryer. (You thought she meant hangin’ ‘em out on the line? Tee Hee Hee and GET REAL.)

TLC rarely does this trick. She doesn’t have the time it takes to let the sheets dry that many hours. But, on a nice, warm, Summer Saturday or Sunday? When she remembers, early enough, to do this? She adores how they look and feel.

ELC has been told you can even make another layer of your pillowcases—on top of the wet sheets!  She rather prefers to iron her cases. This is virtually the only ironing she does. It takes her about an hour and ten minutes (she has four King and two Standard pillowcases on her bed). If you think that seems like a long time, please don't tell her. She's very sensitive about her ironing skills and any judgment could send her straight to the Nutella jar (see below). Besides, it's the perfect opportunity for her to catch up on a DVRed Grey’s or a Private Practice or an Up All Night!

Here’s the picture of ELC’s sheets ($59.99—before tax):

Our next Yumhaw is a snack we both adore. We might even possibly be a teensy bit obsessed with this combo:

Rold Gold Honey Wheat Pretzels (they have a little fiber—YIPPEE!) with Nutella (protein!) and a Coke Zero! Heaven. Absolute HEAVEN. You can eat eight of these pretzels and one tablespoon of Nutella for a little over 200 calories. We both literally measure out a tablespoon—otherwise it’s dangerous. And, yep, Little Mama cannot have caffeine. She works hard not to cheat on this Rule for Pregger Peeps. She’s forced to have this scrumptious treat with water or a few ounces of Gingerale or Root Beer. True, it’s not quite the same, but Moms have to start sacrificing early. Sigh.



Anonymous said...

People still hang their sheets outside to dry here in the U.K. although given the wet climate we don't get the opportunity all that often!

I like your Yumhaw snack idea.
I'm a big pretzel lover, although I've never tried them with Nutella.
Maybe I will this weekend.

The Leightons said...

Hi, Paul . . .

Thank you for sharing! We love to hear from you!!!

That's interesting about hanging sheets outside in the U.K. I don't notice alot of people around my travels--mostly in Texas--that still do this. When we see sheets or clothes hanging on a line, don't we all immediately think: "Wow. Those will smell so fresh!" Silly us: We buy dryer sheets that are called "Fresh Linen" or "Outside Breeze" to try to capture that great fragrance. TLC and I use clothespins to keep our pretzel bags closed!

If you like the combination of salty and sweet (which I really didn't appreciate until my 40s--and then sadly realized how much time I'd been wasting!), you MUST try pretzels with Nutella! Try not to eat half the jar, though. That's our challenge.

Hope you've had a lovely English weekend and thank you ever so much for visiting us!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea with the sheets. I tried it this past weekend and loved how the sheets felt. I had most of the day to let them dry so I put my pillowcases on them also, smoothed them several times during the drying process and they look fabulous!


The Leightons said...


Isn't that amazing? You know, I need to try our pillowcases, too. It takes me an hour and a half to do my six. What's my problem? (Maybe that I enjoy that time watching my DVRed shows with the headphones on and so I can't hear Hubby calling me to help outside with something?) In the summer, CeeCee, when it's hellishly hot, those sheets feel WONDERFUL the night you get in bed and they're all fresh, crisp and COOL! Only lasts that one night, usually, but WOWZER is it worth it.

AND, listen to this: Hubby's Assistant said she does her Hubby's golf shirts that way! Takes them out of the washing machine and lays them on their bed. Smooths them out and lets them dry. They're ready in just a few hours--they look awesome--and they don't make the bedspread damp--at all. Isn't that cool? Hey, look at us Seniors--being GREEN. Saving electricity. WE ROCK.

Hugs to My CeeCee Darling!