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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wherefore Art Thou, Granita?

Little Leighton and I decided to make a quick trip to the country to visit Grammy ELC and Pa-Dad this past weekend. We left Friday at lunch with our agenda strategically planned. (Yes, 95% of it revolved around food.) The first item up—once we arrived: our favourite veggie pizza from the most fabulous local pizzeria in my hometown. Mission accomplished. Then we headed to Granbury! (Y'all must remember hearing about our love for this precious lake resort town in past posts. Lucky Autumn and Taylor get to live there!)

Grammy ELC was incredibly generous and offered to schedule a relaxing prenatal massage for me late that afternoon. It was divine!  And what's the yummiest and most refreshing drink you could enjoy after you finish said prenatal massage? (You probably said water, right? Sillies.) A MOCHA GRANITA. They're icy, creamy and dreamy. Beyond scrumptious. I basically live for them. In fact, when I was 15 and learning to drive, ELC and one of my cousins would pick me up from school and let me "practice" my cruising skills on the road to Granbury. That orangy-red (“paprika” to be exact) Sebring was headed straight to The Coffee Grinder for Mocha Granitas. ELC and I’ve been making trips for the sole purpose of purchasing Granitas ever since.

The moment ELC picked me up from my massage, we headed to downtown Granbury. She’d graciously volunteered to run into The Coffee Grinder for our Granitas. (Just in case you're worried about my caffeine consumption and its effects on LL, Granitas aren't made with coffee.) You can only imagine my extreme disappointment when ELC quickly returned to the car. Empty handed. A shocked look on her confused face.

"Where is my Granita?" this panicked pregnant woman exclaimed.

"The Coffee Grinder is gone! It's gone!" cried ELC.


We were both completely mortified. We sat there, speechless (like y’all believe that), for a solid three minutes. No one, and I mean no one, gets in the way of our Granitas.

I frantically began a search for The Coffee Grinder on my phone. Facebook to the rescue! Apparently, they’d had to close that location (after 17 years). However, the Granita gods must have been smiling down on us because they'd just opened in their NEW location two short days before. ELC did a Dukes of Hazzard u-turn on Highway 377 and headed East towards HEB (a fantastic grocery store chain that started in San Antonio oodles and oodles of years ago). Yep! The Coffee Grinder is now located right inside. You can sip while you shop!

We didn’t shop. (Pa-Dad was waiting patiently for us—37 miles away—to return so we could have dinner. Bless his heart.) ELC and I savored every last guzzle of that Granita. My only regret? That we didn't each get TWO. They are that fabulous. Trust me.

Hey, ELC—Let’s re-schedule an exact duplicate weekend tres soon!

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