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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Not the CTI on 24. Wow. I miss that show. Ruthanne at made me think of it the other day. CeeCee and My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I all LOVED it. It was hard on our hearts—and nerves. We probably needed a break—from the could-be-bad-for-our-overall-health standpoint. Hubby and I recently viewed Keifer's pilot episode of Touch (yes, we are months behind on that). I was intrigued. Hubby=Not So Much. I’m going to finish what I’ve got recorded. It’s not 24, though. Sigh.


TLC and Her Hubby saw The Descendants three-ish weeks ago. Highly recommended it. I found it on our Directv Guide weekend before this past one. I will admit I have trouble ordering movies. I don’t know why. Two years ago, lightning hit way too close to our home. Burned up my computer and messed up our DVR box. A year and two technicians later, I was forced to call Directv Customer Service to get them to fix it, from whereever the heck they are, so we could watch a movie. Beyond annoying. Well, then they decided to charge me $5 extra when I asked for their help. We’ve been customers for eons. Those conversations didn’t go well.  

ELC to an unsuspecting Directv CSR: “We’ve been your customer for 17 years—pay you a ridiculous amount of money each month—and you want $5 more because something is wrong with our DVR and y’all can’t get it fixed?”

I will say this: Those Reps are always nice. And they don’t usually charge me. In fact, after I apologize and tell them I’m an older person who doesn’t understand technology like “you young and smart people,” they sometimes offer the movie for free! I should be ashamed. I know. But I am older and I honestly don't understand. It’s the sad truth.

Well, TLC was so gungho about The Descendants, I decided to try. Once again. To make it work. The last time I’d had a visit with a Customer Service Rep, they’d suggested I do it on-line. Had my password and was ready to give it a go. I thought it was successful. MSH and I had an early dinner, then settled down—he in his chair, me on the couch—on that Saturday evening—to watch this great movie. (And, yes, YUMMY George.)

I immediately noticed there was no light on the DVR—the light indicating it was, in fact, recording. I wanted to scream. Instead, I called and asked a Nice Rep Lady to please make sure I got a $4.99 credit on my next statement. She asked me if I had tried ordering it “On Demand.” I said it wasn’t showing to be On Demand and, anyway, I had tried that, several times in the past. It hadn’t worked. She then encouraged me to talk to a Technician. I replied, not as sweetly as I should have, “No, thanks. I’m tired of talking to Technicians. I can’t even explain what I don’t understand and they get frustrated—in a professional way, of course. Please just give me a credit. We won’t watch movies until they’re on TNT. It’s okay. I’m sure we can see some past episodes of Cops or Swamp People tonight.” I read a book.

I was so disappointed. Then, it happened. Somewhat of a miracle! This past Saturday evening, as we finished another early dinner (we are Senior Citizens—yes, we like to eat early—you Younguns will too, someday—TRUST ME), I sat in my designated place on the couch and, for some odd reason, decided to look at the Movie Guide. There it was. The Descendants. On Demand. Well, what the heck, I thought. I hit that Buy button and WOWZER! IT WORKED!!! Huh? How? Why? I was temporarily shocked and confused. THEN EXCITED! I know MSH immediately thought I’d been doing something wrong all those times in the past two years. But he didn’t say a thing. Just smiled kindly at me and said he was ready to see it!

What a sweet, funny, interesting, sad, touching, beautiful movie. I don’t intend to ruin it for anyone. I don’t think it’s a secret, though, that the story is about a woman who’s in a coma when her husband (Gorgeous George) learns she’s been having an affair. Of course, she must have been cRaZy before she went into said coma. Guess she didn't understand who she was married to! Ha and Tee Hee Hee! I was grateful I didn’t know about the sub-plots. They make the story that much more wonderful-er.

It’s in HAWAII! I forgot I’d known that. I’ve been beyond lucky because I’ve visited Hawaii four times in my life. If I’d won that Mega Millions? One of the first things I’d have bought was a home in Maui. Oops. Wandering.

There is some language that could offend you. There’s a reason for the bad words. There really is. It’s got several smart and wise messages. And it’s got George Clooney! What else do you need to know?

I give it TWO THUMBS and TWO MIDDLEFINGERS UP. (When you see the movie, you’ll understand this—I’m not trying to be crass/awful/rude/common/sassy.)

Have a Wonderful Week, Dear Friends—EVERYWHERE!


Autumn said...

I am enjoying "Touch". And you aren't that far behind, I think there have been, maybe 4 episodes? I reminds me of the movie "Crash", where, by the end, all these separate stories are woven and wound into one. And though the theme may get old after awhile, it's interesting to try to guess how one subplot will affect the other. And, of course, I am recording "Grey's Anatomy" while I watch "Touch".

The Leightons said...

You are EXACTLY right, Autumn! It is very much like Crash. What an AMAZING movie, too. Good to know I'm not awfully far behind. You've inspired me to get with it and catch up! Keifer ROCKS.

Oh, oohh, ooohhh. Grey's. Geez. I cry every single week. Sometimes, like last night, I feel like I can't take much more. What a show. Now, in addition to Grey's and Private Practice, I'm officially hooked on Scandal! Yikes. When will I sleep? Or clean my house? I don't have a clue.

LOVE YOU! Happy Friday the 13th, Precious Friend!!!