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Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap: Via A List

1. Watched Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Friday night. Not. A. Fan. Too much for my pregnant brain and eyes.

2. Let Henry out of his crate (aka: jail) early early Saturday morning. Discovered he had somehow chewed the window sill, as in wedged his snout between the bars and munched away. Not. A. Good. Start. To. The. Morning. Called ELC crying. Bless her heart. Mom makes everything better.

3. Ate the yummiest bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios (with a banana) for breakfast. It calmed my frazzled nerves.

4. Ate a package of Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers later that morning. New favourite snack, compliments of My Sweet Dad.

5. Picked up Little Leighton’s bedding. Love, love, LOVE it! (pictures to follow—soon)

6. Ate a mini strawberry cupcake.

7. Bought a couple of pairs of shoes. Yep. I've already gone up a half size. At 27ish weeks pregnant. What will July hold? Yikes.

8. Bought a new Fossil purse to make myself feel better about my swollen feet. It's orange and hot pink and really mod. I dig it.

9. Ate a few more Ritz crackers.

10. Had a pizza for dinner. Not by myself. I shared.

11. Ate 12 Cadbury Mini Eggs. For dessert.

12. Fell asleep on the couch at Saturday night. I was plum worn out.

13. Woke up Sunday morning and made sure Henry hadn't gnawed anything else.

14. Cut all of the tags off of LL's teeny tiny clothes in preparation for their washin’/cleanin’/drawin’.

15. Placed her bows on the cute, personalized bow holder her Mama bought her.

16. Ate another package of Ritz crackers. Please don't judge. I also had some fruit.

17. Ran errands. Car wash. Bed Bath and Beyond. Buy Buy Baby. Container Store.

18. Ate a McDonald's cheeseburger. Such a scrumptious late afternoon snack.

19. Took a nap.

20. Did one load of laundry.

21. Fixed a spinach salad (a la ELC) for dinner. And Velveeta Shells and Cheese. I didn't want to share with My Husband. But I did.

22. Yep. More Cadbury Mini Eggs.

23. Watched Game of Thrones. They’ve introduced a lot of new characters. I'm confused.

24. Then caught up on Real Housewives of NJ. Team Caroline.

Oops! Insert: Washed sheets (a la ELC) somewhere between my cereal and first round of Ritz crackers on Saturday morn.

Whew! I'm tired from typing all of this. I'm headed to get a little snack. For energy, of course. I think I have five Cadbury Mini Eggs left.



The Leightons said...


I feel as though I should defend you. Since I'm your Mom and Little Leighton's Grammy. And share with everyone that your glucose test was normal (how this happened I do NOT know and yes, I am the one who, when pregnant with you, ate Mexican food 4 out of 7 days of the week--you turned out mostly okay, right?)and that you do eat as healthy as you can--75% of the time.(You seem to have a craving now for Mickey Ds. Hmmm. Innerstin. That might need to come to an end. ASAP.)

Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers--the entire package--only have 200 calories. And it's protein. (Not sure about the sodium--might want to check on that.) You could eat alot of things that are way worse than what you had over the weekend.

I also want to assure everyone the Cadbury Minis should be gone. Forever. Or until next Easter. Let's both try to cut back on our chocolate consumption. You came by that love honestly.

Love you and your swollen feet! (Love Henry the Felon, too! Bless his little sorry heart.)


Autumn said...

1. Remind me to share with you the number of things we had to replace thanks to my hubby's wonderful (not) English Pointer during his long long life.
2. I think I have told you that, when pregnant, I ate Eagle Brand Condensed Milk with a spoon straight out of the can. 1/2 a can every afternoon.
3. All my Cadbury Mini Eggs are gone. So sad.

The Leightons said...

Yep, Autumn, TLC needs to hear your stories. Every one of them. She's been in a State of Denial for several months. She believed they were going to escape Henry's puppyhood chewing. They've truly been lucky so far--and, at least it was something fixable. Not destroyed. Not yet, anyway! Yikes--I'll be out of reach that day, hopefully.

You have shared about the Eagle Brand but it still CRACKS US UP (and makes us want to open a can and get a BIG spoon!).

Those Cadbury Minis? WOWZER. Thank you, Lord, they don't tempt us all year long.

And Merci to You for your wisdom and the giggles we get when we are blessed with your reactions and thoughts!