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Friday, April 13, 2012

F is For . . .

FRIDAY! (You naughty Sillies thought we might go a different direction with this? Seriously?)

AND . . . it’s FRIDAY the 13th!!! Don’t be aFraid.

ELC, Little Mama and Little Leighton hope y’all take this FABULOUS opportunity to enjoy the day and that you’ll strive to be these 33 “F"s (33=ELC’s FAVOURITE number ever):

FEROCIOUS; fascinating; FORGIVING; fashionable; FIERY; flashy; FANCY; felicitous; FORCEFUL; fair; FESTIVE; flouncy; FIRM; focused; FEARLESS; fantastic; FINE; free; FAITHFUL; folksy; FLEXIBLE; fastidious; FEISTY; flowery; FIRST; friendly; FLAMBOYANT; frank; FRISKY; free; FIERCE; fervent; and FIZZY!

PLEASE DON’T BE these 33 "F"s:

FECKLESS; flaky; FAULT-FINDING; foolish; FAKE; feather-brained; FINICKY; flippant; FORGETFUL; faint-hearted; FEARFUL; flighty; FURIOUS; facetious; FICKLE; frantic; FIDGETY; foul-mouthed; FANATICAL; fussy; FRAUDULENT; fatigued; FORMAL; false; FRAZZLED; frowny; FARFETCHED; fishy; FLAGRANT; fuddy-duddy; flatulent; fretful; and FRAGILE.

Gotta scoot . . . have to plan a FIESTA! Go to Mickey D’s and get a mini-FLURRY. Shop at Fossil. Eat some fudge—even though that makes us fluffier.

Faretheewell . . . For now . . .

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