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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Autopsies and Gators

One night, about a year ago, I was literally running into my house—tired and starving—after getting home from work. I threw my briefcase on a chair in our Great Room (it’s actually just “Good” at our place—and where did that name come from, anyway?) and ran to the kitchen. I could see, out of the corner of my eye and as I opened the fridge, My Sweet Husband, sitting in His Chair, watching television. I wasn’t paying much attention as I hastily grabbed sandwich fixins. I asked, “What are you watching?” He answered with happy excitement in his voice, “A show about autopsies!” At that precise moment, I looked up and saw it. A real autopsy. I went into shock and screamed, “My eyes! My eyes! Hit the record button and turn that channel!”

We realized many moons back we were spending too many nights in separate rooms—me watching what I wanted in our bedroom and him watching what he wanted in the Good Room. Clearly that wasn’t healthy. We began a compromise process.

Don’t men like weird things? My husband loves The History Channel (not weird—just not fabulously entertaining to moi); The Military Channel (don’t comprehend most of it); The National Geograhic Channel; and The Science Channel (Our new fun show on this network? An Idiot Abroad. We don’t really understand half of what the guy is saying, because his English accent is very thick, but his expressions are priceless.).

Hubby not only loves all of these educational (?) channels, but he is crazy about The Food Network. My family and anyone who knows me well can tell you I don’t like to cook. Eat, absolutely. Cook, not so much. However, The Food Network shows beat most other “hubby choices/options.”

Here are some of “his” shows I have watched and for which I have tried to be supportive:

The Deadliest Catch

Ice Road Truckers

Swamp People—One season and I don’t think I can handle another one. Too many gator nightmares.  BTW: This show was suggested to us by Lauren. She and her sweet hubby watch it. Thanks, Girlfriend. I owe you one!  LOL. 

Cops—Okay. . . I love these. I do. I’m especially partial to the Fort Worth and Dallas versions.

Policewomen of Miami, Maricopa County, Dallas, Cincinnati—I like these even more than Cops. That’s saying alot. These women ROCK.

Lots of shows on TLC—The Learning Channel, of course. (No, we didn’t name TLC after this network.)

Here’s what I refuse to watch:

Pawn Stars—I’ve tried. I don’t get it. I’m sure they’re very nice people and very knowledgeable. Hubby thinks this show is awesome. (Last night we watched Hardcore Pawn. I might be willing to try this one. Time will tell.)

Any shows that have real autopsies.

Any shows with sharks (especially SHARK WEEK!) and/or other water creatures (hence no more Swamp People).

Fishing shows. Seriously? OMGosh.

Here’s what he refuses to watch:

Any shows about clothes, shoes, shopping, decorating, bridezillas or toddlers in tiaras.

Most of my comedies—like Cougar Town or Designing Women. (He will watch Better With You because it has a couple in our age-range—and I insist. Period.)

The Bachelor—Why, oh why, do I keep watching this? HELP!

Thanks to our “compromise,” we’ve both learned things we never thought we’d even want to know. Hubby and I are available for consultation on programming for Seniors-Who-Still-Want-To-Be-In-The-Same-Good-Room-Seventy-Five-Percent-Of-The-Time.

Gotta scoot. My TiVo calls!


Sunny said...

Peggy and I truly enjoyed the read...

The Leightons said...

Sunny--you know how much we adore Peggy! Thank you both!!!